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Our current exhibit is And So On For Ever, a collection of unsorted notes initially compiled by the members of the Yu-Niwa Lodge, with additional notes by anonymous authors. The Lodge practiced possession states, seances and initiatory rituals practiced in dreams, all of which were described in the notes, and nearly all notes were typewritten by Ben-Jakob prior to his death, so that we have no information on which author wrote which note. When untitled, we have used the initial line as the title. We have organized these fragments into groups for easier reading, though we stress that these groups are our own inclusion and not part of the work.

Current fragments:

Ab Ovo

  1. Picture a desk, at the front of a near-empty church
  2. Perhaps if I could just pick up the telephone
  3. One night, over a few bottles of unspeakably bad gin
  4. In the dream she was there
  5. There was a second skin beneath the one I considered mine
  6. A laying of hands onto the screen
  7. Shaking so furiously I can hear the hum from here
  8. The sewage prophet, searching the storm drains for marks of the great day
  9. You insisted on cradling my head in your lap
  10. The names change, near-instantly
  11. Your fingers are in my mouth and all I can taste is latex
  12. When I was little, there were power lines across the street
  13. All pieces made of translucent materials
  14. I had hooks inserted between my teeth and my gums
  15. I think I have done the thing you told me not to do
  16. There is no way of knowing
  17. The doktors have subvocal mics sewn to their throats
  18. Something very strange happens, then
  19. He walks outside and breathes in the damp rotted air
  20. Pray all through your endless night
  21. There were doorways to my left and right
  22. I remember thinking, very clearly, "If they kill us, they will eat us"
  23. Mirrored recovery: I want to understand
  24. In fig. 37-a the hair-washing river
  25. To this day, my parents will claim that the events of 1983 were a random tragedy
  26. Crooked roads, houses all but fallen, deer skulls over the doorways
  27. "Here is a list of one hundred questions", the headmaster mumbled
  28. Vons Serin told me that the church had a second first level
  29. The butcher-surgeons, fallen doctors from long-abandoned hospitals
  30. I awoke to find my knuckles scraped and a thin film across my eyes
  31. I walked down to the annex, where a den of methmakers were in communication with the ghosts of Campbell's Raiders
  32. Searching for the methmakers, I walked into a small hallway I had never been inside before
  33. They sang into the floor
  34. The deleted world returns
  35. Set your head to the floor
  36. I constantly felt as though I was falling forward
  37. Having opened to me, the terror, the smell of her skin
  38. Exurgent morturi et ad me veniunt
  39. Three miles outside of town I was picked up by a man who claimed to have an engine of destruction
  40. It may be the case that in Heaven all one needs is quickly placed beneath the hand
  41. In the moonlight the car shimmered and seemed to vanish
  42. If you can kill it, you can take and wear its skin
  43. At night, the children walked to the top of the hill
  44. It was then I was marched before a series of judges
  45. For a moment, I was alone on Earth
  46. The children put their heads upon the desk

The Capture Book

  1. Barnard Euler's fisrt visitation
  2. The Markus House
  3. The Architect
  4. She had told me, in my dream
  5. There is a room tucked in the center of the hallway
  6. I have recently become possessed by spirits
  7. Rv. Emersohn, brought low like a dog
  8. Empyreal Gate Network, a definition
  9. Gate Boons and Hexes
  10. Greater Halls
  11. Journade del Muerto
  12. The Kiehl
  13. Now gone, left her body
  14. I count half a dozen mile markers
  15. Human consciousness is a loom for the creation of patterns
  16. Consider the metaphor
  17. We all ache, in our bones, for weightlessnes
  18. The false alkahest
  19. The McDowall family and the Nephelim


  1. KinderKultus (an interlude)
  2. The first child, whose school-name was Witness, had burrowed a small pouch beneath his tongue
  3. Let some other sucker sleep in my grave, I whispered to Annabelle as she swabbed tranquilizer into her ears
  4. "Curriculum auriculum," Annabelle spits, "I don't teach by PTA recipes!"
  5. We are not allowed to leave the compound, so class field trips tend to be localized
  6. With the abuse of certain solvents came certain insights
  7. Annabelle's genius afforded a solution to the problem of duplicate students

You Are The Light Of The World

  1. None of this is real
  3. I took the bus to Goodwill and bought eight dollars worth of kitchen knives
  4. The hurting is how they find me
  5. Have you learned nothing of him and his dismayed threat?
  6. Wed chase tree frogs through the water
  7. Visitations by spirits both eldritch and celestial in this part of the woods finds problems
  8. The bones which could not be returned to heaven are now on display
  9. The heroes, once captured, were taken into the air
  10. We shall ask Tohil to present us with an iron book
  11. The man, Desual Mial, was a man of thirty
  12. Skull-reference
  13. They had placed hands upon me, to keep me down
  14. Was she distant? Of course she was distant
  15. Exposure of intentions is mandatory

Suffer A Witch To Live

  1. gelassenheit
  2. ha'sod
  3. the soft remembering matrix
  4. certain obscene entries
  5. sleep, sleep forever
  6. drift hymns
  7. traumbach
  8. the luminous boy
  9. seeker-logic
  10. abel-cain double homicide

The Black Intoxication (pending)

Phantomnation (pending)

Highway Of Mirrors (with K. Johansen, pending)

Failed Graves (complete, for excerpts see Blearyeared)

There Is No Hiding Place (pending)

A collection of Teraphim Mystery Recording loops has been made available for those who wish to engage in auditory experimentation. All audio (unless otherwise noted) provided by Medroxy Progesterone Acetate: Necropsych occlusionism since 1999. All stop-motion animation provided by Puppetkultus. The final king walks the earth in a dead man's skin.

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