All pieces made of translucent materials. Forms given by placement of level atop level. You can see in different light. You move pieces left, right. It will take time to make a sense of this, time you are not certain you have. Things are reaching a certain point, the materials will not wait for you to make optimal choices. We do the best with what we have available to us. You're sitting at the table in the dream I had. You're looking down as though a pattern will emerge from the traveling trails left by your fingertips, by the way the ink blurs behind your tears. You know yourself but you keep finding yourself surprised by the thoughts, the words, this new life collecting all around you. Tones held until the note begins to fray and split. None of these things are separate. Inverted images left on your palms from where you touched. It's such times that I have trembling notions, too far away to hold, of why I nave never shared my life with another. You move to the other side of the table, you change the way you eat, you go walking in a different pair of shoes, but the form hasn't found you, yet.

the exit is hidden within the exit