I think I have done the thing you told me not to do. I am not sure. This feels like the thing you told me not to do I think I feel feels. I had to crawl down to get here. There were two people watching the door. It seemed obvious at the time. I was placed on my back and floated to the room on a cushion of cilia. Some things will never change. The keys were mounted around the room. I was weightless. The room had some kind of access I did not normally know. I had to learn to hide my intentions. The parts of the room shifted to match new input needs. My body, likewise, began to adapt. I moved like specks of rot floating in honey. Something kept moving icons into my field of vision. When I was finished with this thing, they came back to the room and got me. The floor only moved one way. They pulled at my hands and legs until I was free of the place. I think someone was dead by that point. I am no longer certain.

the exit is hidden within the exit