Pray all through your endless night, pray until you bleed from the knees and palms, capture the light that nests in the trees and suck at the secretions on the cheesecloth, crawl and claw until you skin grows camouflage from scabs, wait in the car outside his house until you can hear him in her, clip the scales growing from your neck so as not to worry the friends of your impending mer-girldom, smudge your sticky fingers all over the rented lenses, slip your notes into sleep and skylight, nest your jewels in the hollows of rotted fruit, spin your story of the abuses suffered upon you by the school and the family and the fate, follow the gallows pulled up like maypoles in the parking lot behind the grocery, suck at the clumps of stained sugar coming out of the wall, learn all the steps so as to fall first in line, tell the desertion story, dab at the harvested tears with rosepetaled silk, search your body for omens and signs, pray all through your endless night, pray until the skin cracks and the blood no longer flows.

the exit is hidden within the exit