Mirrored recovery: I want to understand. Everything has been compromised for the sake of outside interference, for a false narrative spine. The engines recombine the material in their own image. Narrative voice can be considered a biometric in this sense, and thus anonymity can only come from a conscious blurring of these recognizable traits through multiauthorial combinatrics. This strategy is made more effective by using nonhuman agents as collaborative partners, but only if all parties can effectively mimic the others: it is in the mimicry that the camouflage works. All future situations in their infinite variety were well planned for by generating a level of interaction which hid all tracks like a fresh-fallen snow. Given oneself over entirely to the process, there were now all sorts of assemblages we could try, combinations of divergent connections. Please help me to understand. Nervous and incomplete, the gaps like sutures. Something terrible has happened, and it's better that you don't remember.

the exit is hidden within the exit