I constantly felt as though I was falling forward, until I grew used to it, until I didn't notice it at all, until the blackness rose up to meet me, and in the moment before I was pulled under I saw my corpse in an empty parking lot where you poked at my distended stomach with a stick; I saw your body belly-down on a metal gurney, your dress pulled up around your waist, your hands bound behind your back with surgical tubing, small circles of moisture where your lips and breasts and thighs met the cold steel; I saw you as a cephalic consciousness, a thing which haunts the bottom of seafloors, a mass of tendrils and luminescent jelly-sacs; I saw you as a celestial goddess of a distant holocaust bathed in the blood of millions, screaming in triumph atop a mountain of skulls, the avatar of the final kingdom; I saw you as a frozen child; I saw you as a fluid hung in the air; I saw you devouring the universe. The distinction between our bodies had become meaningless; we would nest within each other, like a shard of silver light, like a fetus, like a cancer. I saw you for just that moment, and then you were gone, and there was nothing but thick cold syrup dark to take your place.

the exit is hidden within the exit