For a moment, I was alone on Earth, the remainder of humanity pulled up into the sky and placed in storage while I considered what I would do, now that there was no one to speak to, and no one to save. I had hoped this was real. But I guess it wasn't. Soon the insects will crawl up out of the ground and come at us, but for now the sun is dead and we are kings of dread. The final wisdom told me that the Avatar was meant initially as a gateway to possession states, an opening of the head to let the intelligences in, but we have made ourselves ugly and uninhabitable and now must content ourselves to offend the spirits with noise and movement and surprise so as to keep them off their guard.

"If we see them take flight into the air, we can freeze and disorient them, and trap them in honey-jars, like the ones we placed over the mouth of that coyote." She pulled the jar out, and within the honey I could see a small worm-like mass, slowly spinning. "The soul of the coyote is ours now, and so shall be any spirit we deem useful. There is no hiding place."

the exit is hidden within the exit