In the dream she was there. She told me a secret, the sort of secret which isn't so much about the content as it is about the sharing, because she told me the secret is there is no secret, everything is placed before us and we turn away. We sat around and discussed topics vaguely related to the secret, in some protean second-story cafe melded from all the places I had ever had such conversations. In the middle of some speculation, her voice turned into a horrible pulse-clicking noise, and the entire place was infused with a hollowness, an irreality which felt demonic. I felt sick and wanted to leave but there was nowhere to go. As ever, I moved inward. The body can fold in on itself, reposition organs in order to allow the limbs to cross and tuck into spaces they would seemingly not fit. I know organs take new positions, but beyond that I am not sure how it works. I do know that I can become very very small and very very dense whenever the right circumstances arise. Somewhere between a superpower and a disability. Abandoned cars nestled in the trees, dented hoods pooling rainwater. My ears are filled with hum.

the exit is hidden within the exit