She had told me, in my dream, that she was an astronomer. I had no reason not to believe her. She had told me there were certain necessary elements which were needed for her to fully communicate the message she had for me. This became the skeleton of the quest, and in her hands I could see the two remaining elements: a cross designed for throwing over great length, and a chair soaked in fat to absorb free-floating daily dread. I was to wipe the dread-soaked fat across the face of the cross and bring it back to this room, the third storage block of the fifth floor, where I was to make a circle of discarded chairs and bedding and, in the center of this circle, place the fat-cross beneath my folded hands. She would then tell to me the pathways of the celestial firmament, by which (in terrestrial translation, mapped onto the tiles of the main hallway) I could find escape. This is what she told me.

the exit is hidden within the exit