I have recently become possessed by spirits who are nearly just like me. It's difficult for anyone else to notice, because the differences between the actual me and these other personalities is quite small: I have begun writing as I feel these habitations begin, and can notice a gap in the handwriting when the other spirits take over. My wife has begun to notice that I am not myself so that she almost has a fear of watching me, of witnessing the switch. In fact, the only way I know their activity from my own is through my flawed memory, or more accurately, because their activity is...hard to say...better. More morally grounded. The spirits are better people than I am. I don't expect this to come out right, and it's possible they will have taken over again even before I finish my typing, but I know they treat the people in my life better than I do myself. They've noticed that themselves, but chalked it up to my recent migratoriness somehow shaking loose bad habits, old ideas. I think, at times, that I could give up control, fade off and away more and more often until these spirits become the full host and I'm lost somewhere else, dreaming perhaps, but more likely lost in the black lights I fall into during my spells. There's a temptation for oblivion I've toyed with before. I still feel, however, that this is my body, and my thoughts should remain my own. I remain responsible for my actions, and do not claim that such possession-states leave me unable to act in a moral manner; I have developed a kind of trust by default toward the actions and intentions of the spirits. Perhaps it's an affliction to be lived with. Perhaps a temporary phase. I still believe it's too early to worry, too soon to make rash judgments. Time will tell.

the exit is hidden within the exit