The Empyreal Gate Network is the complete network of no-gates and the spacesaccessible by them. Attempts have been made by many to fully map the EGN, including my own, which was a complete failure. Simply put, the opening and closing of gates happens at too quick a rate to design a total map of any real usefulness. There is a sort of interconnected web called by a number of people the Empyreal Gate Network. The reason it's called this is it links structures in a huge array allowing passage between distant areas. The Empyreal Gate Network mimics the nature and structure of each entry-node; let's say you're wandering around a hospital, the hallway would initially completely mimic the properties of where you came from, slowly melding with the hallways of whatever entryways parallel yours. It becomes possible to get lost in this hallway, this middle-place forever, which can have advantages if you are looking to hide. The Empyreal Gate Network is also often mistaken for a post-death purgatory (the "tunnel of white light" near-death experience), from which most cultures explore only those nodes closest to their own. My hypothesis for a long time has been that certain buildings (occasionally termed "the abandoned architecture") are built in such a way as to foster nodes for access to the hallway, intended possibly as escape routes, possibly as means of traffic for alien technologies. A parallel to the "entropy police" would be the serendipity, who monitor traffic between earth and the hallway, who use their access to make themselves practically invisible, directing advancement through the slightest of influence. There is also a group called the cult of the yellow sign, and of them I can currently say nothing, except to say there is nothing subtle about them.

the exit is hidden within the exit