The gate boon is an object which attracts a positive outcome from the forces present in a specific gate. These may be used by those who wish to attract scholars or servants or practitioners of the great seduction, all of which require specific boons to accomplish their ends. The design of a boon can be undertaken by anyone, although I cannot stress enough that one should learn from an established master (either in person or as a training which takes place in dreams) before attempting such a feat. Gate boons are often small enough to fit in the hand, though others are massive in size, designed by Empyreal architects as permanent homes of beneficial gates.

The detection and sealing of a NO-SPACE gate is always difficult, and sometimes perilous. No-space is used by a variety of different intelligences, not all of them friendly, and should a gate appear in your vicinity, even in your own home, it is wise to seal or filter the gate as soon as possible. This can be done with physical reinforcements, which is often costly and not always efficient (indeed, some substances serve as attractors for DEVOURING MECHANISMS, which are often piggybacked with exit tracers -- soon your gate may be a primary point of transfer!). It can also be done with a HOUSE DEVIL, who makes a home of the gate and forbids unauthorized transfer; this again can be costly, as a House Devil often requires a stipend for services and are not generally housebroken. The third and most generally effective method of sealing a gate is through the use of a gate hex. A gate hex essentially makes travel through a gate undesirable; once a gate has been given such a distinction via a UD tracer-mark, it will be considered out of use, and will only be utilized by the lost, who can be kept at bay with the slightest of physical barricades. The hex process varies; experience has shown that different hexes are effective in different areas, and it is possible that you may need to utilize two or three hexes before satisfactory results are achieved. Generally such hexes make use of sound, for which most gates act as an amplifier (thus their use in surveillance operations). Recorded music is just as useful as live performance for hex use, and there are collections of music specifically designed for hexes. One could always perform the hex-noise themselves, but performances often require specialized instruments and can take up to three days to complete. Also effective is the creation of a diorama, placed before the gate, which fools the eye into thinking it enters into a CAPTURE ROOM.

Unfortunately, the creation of dioramas is now a lost art to most people, so that to build a new one requires specific Masters of the art, which again can be cost-prohibitive. Note that a television is not effective in this instance. Other hexes are more specialized, and include the recitation of doldrum-inducing tales, acts of fornication, dried hyacinth and the inscription of certain runes. It generally takes between ten minutes and three days for the hex to work, and once it has (you will notice a specific dry smell, like dead leaves, around the gate once it has been UD tracer-marked) there is no need to continue the hex. Simply close up the gate with wood or brick or what have you and the gate is sealed. Note that you may be one of those who wish to utilize a gate to bring something or someone to your doorstep. To do this, one must use a GATE BOON, which is described elsewhere, but important to mention here: the difference between a hex and a boon is not simply one of polarity, but of fundamental nature. We cannot suggest too urgently that one not attempt to redesign a hex to work as a boon, or vice versa.

the exit is hidden within the exit