"How utterly strange. Note that I am not epileptic and have never been prone to seizures of any sort, yet while sifting through the JDM material I came across certain pulse-texts, some of which induced a sort of theta state in which time seemed to slow while large chunks of information scrolled across my field of vision, while others triggered full-blown fits, during which time I was not (unfortunately) able to record myself. Since this post, however, I've attached voice-activated mics around my workstation; I'm hoping this process will bring up worthwhile results. While the actual pulse-texts are long gone, I found fragments of them on my hard drive; I will be putting them up along with the remainder of the JDM material this week, hopefully tomorrow. The vast majority of material has yet to be transcribed, but any beginning is a good beginning, at this rate. Likewise, I will stick with standard notation where possible. Note also that I had, over the weekend, a conversation with the architect; I do believe he has a GATE-BOON which takes the form of a small mirror-pendant he wears on a chain. He continually strokes this with his fingers, and often holds it above text he is reading (he read passages from his build-journals). I do believe he reads not the texts, but the reflection, just as I believe the reflection in the mirror is not symmetrical to the text. I believe he is long mad; nothing he had to say made any sense, but I will try to get it through to my fellow guild members as soon as is possible. Note that as of this Friday I will be pursuing remainders of the tragic expedition to the TAMRACK HOUSE; I will be unavailable from then through the fifth of January, at which point I hope to have a much larger collection of useful information to share."

"We have been running excerpts from the Jornade Del Muerto through translation programs in a seemingly hopeless effort of finding hidden patterns. since most of what we find is endless chains of meaningless text, we have taken to leaving the programs on speech synthesis and letting the process run in the background. Two hours ago I was startled as the low hum of the translation program burst into noise and a seemingly non-random message lasting two minutes forty seconds, at the end of which my terminal froze. After rebooting I searched for the section of the codex which produced this noise, but the log was deleted."

the exit is hidden within the exit