Beware! The story of the Kiehl is a testament to the currents of tragedy and vengeance, which run riot behind the earth, wherein the guilty and the guileless meet the same sad end. The tribe of Kiehl, who once mastered the area which is now Sumatra, were set upon by what little was left of the once-glorious army of Shansuma, which had become lost as soon as they took to the seas. As is now well-known, the tribe of Kiehl practiced trepanation, but not, as is currently believed, as a means of transcendental enlightenment, but instead to ruin their skulls for the making of skull-mugs. Just prior to attack, the villagers would smear Upas sap into the openings of their skulls, so that the army of Shansuma would find the entire village dead upon arrival. While this would be entirely unsuitable, the soldiers were mad with the constant light of the sun shimmering off the water, and thus considered the deaths to arise from fear. The soldiers thus made mugs from the skulls of the villagers, which had been smeared with Upas sap, so that the remaining Kalhnek tribespeople found soon the bodies of the army of Shansuma, slumped in piles around fire-pits. The bodies of the soldiers were sewn shut in their orifices and cast as buoys off the coast, kept afloat from putrescence, and so it was that the island was not approached for another hundred years.

the exit is hidden within the exit