With the abuse of certain solvents came certain insights, and as the mind is a loom for the generation of patterns, it stood to reason that if there were any hidden correspondences between any two distinct things (which seemed reasonable at the time) then there had to be hidden correspondences between everything. This is mogic (magical logic), which was ostensibly my discipline, so it made sense that while the class practiced hanging from the fingers for hours on end (the closest we came to intermural athletics) Annabelle and I would spend time swapping medications, and though she could not see the second script in the shake of her pen I was a crystalline latticework of conceptual understanding entirely removed from localized concerns and thus sifted out her better intentions: the shake of her paperthin hands was not a palsy but a divination, a secondary liminal conduit of information by which she was caressing the harder angles of the alphabet back into pictographic representation. At this time discretion was strongly advised: The conservative old guard among the other instructors, convinced the removal of "decadent" letters such as B, G and H was the only means of restoring civic order, endlessly battled with young avant-garde instructors who had begun adding new letters to the alphabet -- due to the limits of Unicode, we cannot demonstrate these new letters here, but among the most popular are the new consonants Jopey (which looks like a sideways ox), Didlin (which looks like a lightning bolt striking a frog) and Revel (which looks like two chickens fighting). Computer keyboards were regularly vandalized with homemade keys wedged in the number pad and colleges regularly requested clarification of transcripts who received "The Lesser of Placement A that is yet superior to the placement C" in "Ennelis". As such, the dowser's wand of her marker across the scrying mirror of the whiteboard may have traced near future tactical analysis (and certainly my attention caught on the curve and dip of her script, how even with the shaking in her carpals and metacarpals she formed O's of the noblest roundness, but I cannot be sidetracked by lexical pornographies) but the translation had to take place in the silence between the ears so as not to offend whichever camp currently held power.

the exit is hidden within the exit