We’d chase tree frogs through the water, ripples left like tracks in snow, until finally we’d catch one and hold its small green body up to our ears, listening, waiting for it to tell us something. All kinds of code words for the depression: “going to the circus” possibly being the most often used expression. “My mouth and throat all filled with the dry wing-husks of locusts.” in the evenings, all the people who lived around the lake would stand on the decks and balconies of their homes and pound slowly on huge plastic bottle-drums. This sound would confuse the bats, which would swoop and dive over the lake, hunting for unreal prey. The tree-frogs would cover the area with polyrhythmic chants and history-songs: there was a time when there were few mosquitoes, there was a time when cranes nested in the pond and all the animals were infected with their psychosis, all the same stories of sex and death every animal tells. I was always afraid then, searching the skies for thunderclouds. I knew the frogs knew the approach of such weather but they would not tell us. I tried to tell the homeowners this but they would not listen, content to drink their California wines and tell their summer-lodging stories and beat on their huge plastic bottle-drums. My attempts to find allegiance with the bats resulted in nothing. I knew there was a storm coming, and there was no one I could turn to for help. fed entirely on grubs and tufts of cotton soaked in lime-juice, my breath gained all the qualities of sour death, and when the adults would talk to me, tell me not to play in the street, keep me away from the dead animals at the side of the road, it wasn’t long before a look overtook them, a confused dullness, and they fled to their homes, their skulls closing in on them.

Eventually, the state undertook a massive excavation project, in order to find the bodies of those who were killed by the enemies of the god during the eight nights and bring them to Jhal Jhao, where a flat plateau was rebuilt into a temple for the delivery of heroes into heaven. but the enemies of god had destroyed many dental records, as they targeted hospitals and nurseries with laser-guided missiles, and a positive identification for Dunya's corpse could not be made.

the exit is hidden within the exit