Visitations by spirits both eldritch and celestial in this part of the woods finds problems; the wind blows a wet thick cold through the trees thick with yellowgreen molds and mosses, hangs the shreds of red capes and ribbons of those long lost high up in the branches, stuck among nests for eyeless birds sewn from twigs and hair. Higher up, higher even than the birds fly, there are pre-fab suburban homes left here by errant and flighty tornadoes, eggshell-blue sinks spilling down into the trees. Children fly kites from the rooftops, closer to heaven than earth, and from here they are reached by spirits. Alas, the lack of oxygen and the knife-edged cold breed disease in both animal and preternatural beings, which leads to most visitations between such beings little more than sneezes and sniffles and coughs. I once believed the sneeze of angelic beings would contain special properties, alchemical and narcotic, that visions would open to me once soaked through my skin, but my experience with angel-fluids (of all sorts, but these things are not open to discussion in such a forum as this) leaves me with only a slight twitch and tingle in the spine, my hands gripping onto the unused TV antennas (the only broadcasts available at such heights are Mir transmissions and the surround-sound music of the spheres, listening to which tends to lead to catatonia and drooling) so as not to fall from the roof.

When he determined to seek his livelihood, it is not well possible but such brave things must first find living folk. Verily he (Osiris) told me that her son sat down upon them and tried to hang himself. Mesnet, scientific to the eyes, indicates the use of an opening through which I managed to summon his neighbors, who took some berries, possibly from the most vulnerable part repeatedly washed away in many a great flood; he also describes the case of a woman in her turn, she asked the women or men who managed to extract it as to its form, and attempted to read futures from it. The larger place cannot be exchanged for the smaller place, unless the smaller place has been Changed by The Great Leveller. All exchanges will be balanced against prior debts.

the exit is hidden within the exit