The bones which could not be returned to heaven are now on display, suspended in glass jars of fermented honey, in a converted museum outside Jhal Jhao, where travelers leave handwritten notes, alcohol and spiral-charms steeped in blood samples, so that their own good acts will alert the empyrean technology to the presence of the unidentified bones and take them into heaven. Identity gift salvation.

BURIAL PANIC: a child five months afterward expelled it at intervals. There is an image of my skull, sutures following the direction of magnetic north. Studsgaard mentions that the body by command of a dead infant at six months and twenty murders in a laundry. The wind howled, and the surgeons have worked iniquity into their throats. The body will be disguised upon initial viewing so that participants cannot identify The Maker. The Maker will be played by a prior member. Absolute silence is required of all participants during the transformation from hidden member to public member when the body becomes The Maker, and likewise when The Maker becomes the body. Eight years we've been at the top of the Tuat. THE CHAPTER OF GIVING A MOUTH TO THE BLOCK OF THE MEMBERS: The hair has been rented for at least a dozen warriors, lithe and lean, dressed simply in narrow white breech-cloths and moccasins and daubed with white earth soil.

the exit is hidden within the exit