They had placed hands upon me, to keep me down, out of the line of sight, my staff falling into well-trained defense posturing so as to keep me shielded from any angle of attack, checking the contents of my mouth for potential tranquilizers or nerve agents or constrictive bolus caught in my throat and in finding nothing examine exposed areas of my skin for rashes or tracks and in finding nothing checked my blood and pulse rate where it was discovered, indeed, that I had been implanted with something they did not know what but it had changed me in some way and as I had made the mistake to connect the allegiance of my staff to my genetic fingerprint so as to prevent potential surrogates from claiming my identity only the material I had taken into my body had damaged my chromosomes and in the examination of my blood it became clear to my staff that I was no longer, in a technical sense, the subject of their service, and as they stood and walked away while I tried to pull the needles from my veins and stared in panic at the nests of shadows surrounding my small circle of street lit sidewalk I heard them leave drop their identification and keys on the ground as they were now without a subject and thus of no value to the economy; the rent on their identities would no longer be paid, and the artifacts of those identities were now void.

I saw a slight organ spill backseat stuck and pulled up to reveal gaping entrance of devil tunnel. I saw and do not question. Palaces of bone rubbed away by endless sand until a seeming maw points skyward to devour approaching intelligences. Cannot question, wonder. Bound and removed. Honey-glue spread across split wings blood trails into warehouses. Tremors in the hand just to consider. You were once beautiful, a loved thing kept safe in skirts and Teflon, now just so much stain and stink. Consider, remember. Once so much promise now an empty vessel for endless appetites in empty rooms. Bow and I will pay witness! Handfuls of smashed blackberries and beeswax and ash smear sigils on the face and along the spine. Consider and repent. This is what I cannot touch. Not simply a memory-vision but representative of various others, faces beneath, one to stand for many. Impotent piss witness. Pills, pills. She presents her body before the dog, before the elk, and I witness and choke. Sinew abuse. The maker sets a mouth upon creation and exhales, spits, vomits, puts everything into the made, a carrier of terrors. Slips out beneath definition, sticky and dizzying, everything to someone and now nothing, nothing at all. Pleas beneath speech. Unknowable intentions. Show the bones! Make a public display of the areas of intersection! Become my everything and I will follow and weep at your long slide down! I will give you money and stories and praise your wisdom and curse your father! My child bride reverses time and crawls upward into the final light!

the exit is hidden within the exit