Human consciousness is a loom for the creation of patterns. These patterns have value because our experience works akin to chords in music: it is the placement of disparate elements which are then compared and contrasted which provides wisdom or satisfaction or whatever. We commonly think of this as perspective. If I am from a small town and visit New York, I have a different perspective than if I had lived in New York (or in a small town) all my life. Finding similarities in disparate elements is satisfying, yet the satisfaction comes in prolonged observation, as the nature of each element is not immediately obvious. The Revitalization faith recognizes that consciousness is not distinct from the body, and while the body cannot be made to fully animate (in the sense of being alive) after death there are means of harvesting these prior elements from inanimate matter, which is to say one can become other, not entire, but in part, and this bond forms the Empyreal Gate Network. The Revitalization faith seeks to add as much material to this network as possible. Things which are exactly alike are connected, as in sympathetic magic, so that any two doorways which are exactly alike are connected despite distance in standard space-time. The inverse of this is the fourfold erasure system, of which I have spoken before. These two forces are normally in balance, but there are occasional gaps, and what makes Vons Serin important is she is the gap-maker, she is the unweaver, and the lures she places in the minds of her audience spill out into this world on the wing of abomination.

the exit is hidden within the exit