Consider the metaphor, the means of making a comparison so as to unearth hidden attributes of any two given items, or ideas, or people, and how it is that the knowledge of each distinct piece offers itself as a tool by which all prior information can be reinterpreted, so that the recitation of each specific name, each specific trait, is to deepen this series of strategies. If we are to consider this valid, then what does it mean to utilize metaphor not as a means of making clear, but masking, hiding behind the obscure and the blurred? To complicate the dance of interpretation, to send one spinning from foot to foot across set tile patterns cast out across the floor in a seemingly random order, must then speak in a sidereal sense as to the nature of the storyteller, in which the items being compared are placed together not necessarily as a means of elaborating upon the connection between them, but between both items and a third, a space held twinelike between one who speaks and one who listens. Every word follows not its set destination, but a secret road.

the exit is hidden within the exit