In the space where the ends of the warehouses did not meet, the council of wild cats gathered to reach consensus as to how to handle her. The most pressing of concerns was the Hideywitch, who had reverse-served the council on a number of critical occasions. Yet there was also the obvious connection to the Repeated King, and to the patch quilt mess of ad-hoc governments which had arisen once the city of Summerland had been evacuated. Nothing was simple with so many weights in counterbalance. It is fortunate that the wild cats possess the power, still known to a few of their domesticated cousins, to manipulate subjective time, evident by a shine in the back of the eyes we did not notice. For us, gods named coincidence and destiny provided all answers. Descartes once said that monkeys possess the ability to speak; they remain mute before humanity in order to protect their secrets. This is true as well of the wild cats, or so she told me, but if they have any secrets they are not for me to know.

the exit is hidden within the exit